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WWII - Other - World War Supply
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WWII – Other

Explore the world’s most famous historical sites

Jasenovac Concentration Camp


Was a concentration and extermination camp established in the village of Jasenovac by the authorities of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) under German Occupation in Yugoslavia during World War II. The concentration camp, one of the ten largest in Europe, was established and operated by the governing Ustaše regime.


The camp was established in August 1941, at the confluence of the Sava and Una rivers near the village of Jasenovac, and was dismantled in April 1945. It was notorious for its barbaric practices. Unlike German run camps, Jasenovac lacked the infrastructure for mass murder on an industrial scale, such as gas chambers. Instead, it specialized in one-on-one violence of a particularly brutal kind, prisoners were murdered with knives, hammers, and axes, or shot. Camp guards would have contests to see who could kill the fastest with special knives.


In 1960 the Communist Government of Yugoslavia established a Memorial at the site. A small Museum was later added.


Today the site consists of the Memorial a small Museum and a Train with a few cars that were used to transport the victims.

Italian WW2 Cemetery Ljubljana

A cemetery on the outskirts of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is the biggest cemetery of the small country. There are detailed headstones and memorials on this site honoring World War One and World War Two soldiers, and other sections of the cemetery hold the remains of civilians as well.

Austrian WW2 Cemetery Ljubljana

A memorial located in Ljubljana, Slovenia honoring Austrian soldiers. This is a memorial built and placed by the Austrian Black Cross to honor fallen Austrian soldiers from both the first and second world war.

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