Civil War Springfield Musket Sling marked Watervliet Arsenal

Civil War Springfield Musket slings in dark brown 

Leather marked "Watervliet Arsenal"

Patterned directly from the original 1 3/8 wide and 70" long

Dark brown leather exactly like the original

Brass hardware

Copper rivets

Sewn keepers

Expertly Handcrafted Replica

Please note: This sling is pattered from the later modified sling in the early 1880's.

Sling Installation Instructions:

Remove 1 of the 2 sliding loops from the sling.  Lay the sling next to the rifle with hook facing the rifle and the hook end toward the buttstock.  Orient the remaining sliding loop on the sling with the stitching toward the rifle.  Slide it down a foot or so from the hook.  Put the hook through the sling swivel on the trigger guard, starting from the trigger guard side with the hook now facing away from the rifle- you’re putting a bend in the sling to do this.  Once the hook is through the lower swivel, pass it through the sliding loop.  Then, pass the hook through the end loop that’s secured to the sling.  Install the second sliding loop now, with the stitching facing the rifle.  Pass the hook through the upper sling swivel with the hook facing away from the rifle.  Bend the sling around the swivel and pass the hook (now facing the rifle) through the sliding loop.   Pull the fixed loop toward the muzzle to adjust the sling length, then secure the sling length by inserting the hook through a hole in the sling from the outside of the sling toward the rifle.

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Civil War Springfield Musket Sling marked Watervliet Arsenal

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